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  • As low as 6¢/target/month.
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Get up and running with a subscription in 3 quick, easy steps:

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1 Create your subscription:

Choose an Appchkr subscription type to match your chosen Appchkr type.

Select Targets ? Per month
1 - 10 FREE -- No subscription required.
11 - 50 $5.55 USD or equivalent.
51 - 100 $8.88 USD or equivalent.
101 - 250 $15.15 USD or equivalent.

Pay in your local currency. It will automatically be converted to US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate on each billing date by your account issuer.

Read the license agreement and accept it:

Create a passphrase‡ and keep a copy securely for activation later.
Requires 12 alphanumeric characters minimum, at least 8 different. No spaces.
Go here to get an easily-remembered, random, 12-character passphrase.
Use it only for this registration.


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Please review your choices above carefully and then

Press to begin the subscription

or the form to start over.

2 Receive a confirmation email containing the unique subscription ID needed to activate your subscription in the installed program. (Check "spam", "junk", and "clutter" folders too. Add to your "not-spam" list.) Save this ID and your passphrase securely: They are also needed to make any changes and to end the subscription.

3 Activate your subscription in the installed program with the '-activate' option. Activation requires the subscription ID from the confirmation email and your passphrase.

Download and install an Appchkr if not already installed on your system.

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Please Note That

Need a different type of license? Please contact sales.

The passphrase insures that only you can use your subscription. Keep it confidential.

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