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Subscription Pricing for user-installed software.

How does this work?

Get up and running with a subscription in 3 quick, easy steps:

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1 Create your subscription:

Quick and Simple
Paying with credit card [MJ]

All Appchkr subscriptions include the option to vary the monthly charge automatically, in step with the target count level actually in use, both up and down. This option is provided in all Appchkrs without additional charge. Pay only for what you use, as it varies, without any extra effort on your part. Others may claim to save you money. We give you the means to actually do so.


The subscription type and installed Appchkr type must match for subscription activation to succeed in the installed product. Be sure to choose the same for both. They may be chosen in either order. The matching is required only at activation, once both exist.

Choose an Appchkr subscription type to match your installed Appchkr type.

Choose the maximum number of targets (?) to be licensed.
Max Targets, Price
/month, $US or equivalent.
• Subscriptions paid in a non-US currency are charged at the prevailing exchange rate on each billing date.
• Find the Appchkr price in your local currency with this currency converter.
• Any local taxes and fees are in addition to the amounts shown.
• Prices shown are before any discount or special offer.
Contact us for higher target counts.

    What is a target?
  • One target is one networked application running on one machine and listening on one port.
  • That program running on 10 machines constitutes ten targets.
  • Ten instances of that program (on ten different ports) running on one machine likewise constitute ten targets.
  • If that application uses two ports, both of which need to be checked, it constitutes two targets.

Read and accept the Nova Software license agreement.

Create a passphrase‡ and keep a copy securely for activation later.
Requires 12 alphanumeric characters minimum, at least 8 different. No spaces.
Go here to get an easily-remembered, random, 12-character passphrase.
Use it only for this registration.


Enter an email address to receive your subscription confirmation and ID.

Alternate email: Confirm:

Enter Your Information. (privacy policy)
* Entries are required.
Given name *
Family name/surname *
Primary phone number *
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Fax number
Organization's name *
Street address *
Mailstop/suite/apt. #
City mail district
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State/province/region/prefecture *
zip or postal code *
Country/territory *

Choose a payment method:
  • Credit card
  • Other

Review your choices above, edit as needed, and then

Press to begin the subscription

the form to start over.

2 Receive a confirmation email containing the unique subscription ID needed to activate your subscription in the installed program. (Check "spam", "junk", and "clutter" folders too. Add to your "not-spam" list.) Save this ID and your passphrase securely: They are needed to make any changes and to end the subscription.

3 Activate your subscription in the installed program with the '-activate' option. Activation requires the subscription ID from the confirmation email and your passphrase.

Download and install an Appchkr if not already installed on your system.

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Please Note That Need a different type of license? Please contact sales.

The passphrase insures that only you can use your subscription. Keep it confidential.