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Network Equipment Performance Monitor

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Price: $79 US per license.
Save $$$ over per-node pricing: Each licensed system will monitor 100's to 1000's of nodes on one network.
Contact sales for volume pricing for very large networks.

Follow these quick, easy steps to securely purchase NEPM.

Read the license agreement here and indicate that you Accept  to continue, or Decline  to quit.

Enter a hostname for the host system on which you will run the two NEPM components, Builder and Courier. Hostnames must not contain the vertical bar (pipe) character: |. Local Edition, all OS's.: Enter the hostname(s) in both boxes, even if it is the same.
Builder Host     e.g. mysystem1|mysystem2
Courier Host     e.g. mysystem1|mysystem2

Enter the email address to which to send your purchased license keys. Your email address is kept confidential within Nova Software and is never shared with or sold to any third parties.
Be certain to use an email address that does not have an anti-spam filter that will prevent you from receiving your license keys!
Free email addresses such as hotmail, yahoo, and gmail are not accepted.

Email address    
Confirm email     

Provide the same email address as above when paying by credit card (when available) or purchase order. Your email address is the link between your payment and the keysets created above for your host systems.

Submit your registration information:

Download NEPM here if you have not already done so. Your downloaded files work with both the free 30-day evaluation key and with the unlimited-time key you purchase.

Pay for your unlimited-time license and keys by corporate purchase order.

Receive your license keys via email, normally within one USA business day, for any method of payment.

Install and run your new software using the 30-day free license key obtained here until your purchased keys arrive. No change to your installation or configuration will be necessary when your purchased keys arrive.

Receive Full Support via support page postings or email at any time. These inquiries are answered as promptly as possible, normally within one business day.

Telnet Server: Contact sales to purchase permanent licenses and keys for the evaluation WinNT telnet server included with NEPM.

Capacity: Each NEPM licensed system of one Courier and one Builder normally has the capacity to monitor hundreds to thousands of network nodes, so typically only a few licenses, at most, are required. Contact sales if you need quantity pricing.

Maintenance releases are free: Each user license purchase includes, at no additional charge, all minor and maintenance releases for that major version.

Source License: We offer a non-exclusive limited source code license in addition to the user licenses. Purchasing the source code license provides you with the fully commented and documented cleartext source code of the currently shipping version. Source code of later minor and maintence releases for that version are also included at no additional charge. The source code license permits free distribution of the code within your organization, along with the right to freely modify the code for your own use. Re-sale, distribution, or use of either the original or modified code outside your organization is not authorized under this license. Contact sales for more information.

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