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This is the fully featured, standard version of NEPM with a temporary, 30-day, license and key. Use this downloaded version with your temporary key and later with your purchased unlimited-time license key. No re-install nor change in configuration is required when you upgrade to a purchased license key.

Verify that the systems meet these minimum requirements:

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Download Local Edition 2.4         View the release notes here.

For WinNT/2000/2003/XP on Intel processors, full installation w/ perl and all required binaries.      NEPMLW.exe      2.5 MB
Double click on the file after downloading to install and run NEPM.

For Linux on Intel processors, full installation w/ perl and all required binaries.      NEPMLL.tar.gz      2.5 MB
Untar to the directory of your choice to install and run NEPM.

NEPM components only, without perl, for host systems with standard perl 5.6.1 or higher installed separately,
and for those not listed above.      0.9 MB
Unzip the file and install it to the directory of your choice with the appropriate unzip tool for your system type.

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